Ashley's Journey

For many years I have fought against the Lord with repeated cycles and behaviors of addiction and even homelessness. By God's leading I went to Grace House of Longview, just hoping that my obedience would help to fight my greatest war against myself . During the duration of that program God freed me to become authentically free and His, and although the war still rages some days, God's Faithfulness sees me through. Former residents at Grace House had attended the Heartisans program and our director, Robyn, highly recommended this place, When I finished the 9 months at Grace House I was waiting on the Lord to tell me what was next, and He put this place in my heart.
       Heartisans has been such a blessing to my life. Not only has it sharpened the academic skills that I have not used in so many years, but in many ways helped me gain my independence, giving me confidence in doing everyday practical tasks and errands. This program helped me in educational, practical and spiritual ways. It gave me people and things to look up and forward to. I have a lot of knowledge of spiritual things but I needed help with practicalities and responsibilities...I call it "adulting". I'm not that great at it. But here God has surrounded me with encouragement and hope that I can do these things.
       When I think of Heartisans I think of real love. Love that serves and doesn't want anything in return. Care that doesn't have strings attached. The staff and volunteers here love to love and help because they truly want to see us succeed and have a life that is good, and freeing.
      What I love most about Heartisans is the connections and friendships I have made. I love Amy and Kendrah and their heart for us here. They are extremely good examples of strength and love. They go out of their way to make sure that we know that they support us and have our back. Checking on us when we are sick and even taking us to doctors visits and interviews. I am so thankful for every volunteer here just to help and pray with us, to leave us sweet cards and make lunches. I tell people all the time I just can't say enough good things about this place.  It's given me confidence that I can be independent and can succeed in goals that I put my mind to. it gave me an awesome team of people to look up to.