Brittany's Journey

Hiway 80 is how I learned about Heartisans. I lost my second child at almost 30 weeks pregnant and went down a very unhealthy path but I knew God had sent me Jupiter to remind me I was a mother and I loved my daughter. I knew it was time to get my life back and do what was best for my daughter and myself. I may have learned about Heartisans from Hiway 80, but it is God who brought me here.

Heartisans has changed my life forever; it's given me a fresh start and has helped me become closer to the Lord. Heartisans has provide blessings, love, and the hope of God, it is forever life changing!

The volunteers and the workers and the amazing women, I have learned so much from them.

I cannot thank this place enough for everything it has done for me. I have learned to believe in myself more and more. God has this place in His hands and Heartisans is helping Him do His work. I pray other women who truly want change in their lives come here and know that they are going to receive a life changing experience.