Caitlin's Journey

I came from a rough background and struggled several years trying to find who I was in life. The journey to get to the point I’ve come was not easy but so worth every second. What brought me to Heartisans was nothing but God. Over the last few months at Son Shine Lighthouse they have worked with me on life skills and recovery they referred me to the amazing job readiness program named Heartisans. This was the transition into not only intellect regarding the workforce but also to experience the interaction and study of day to day things that you face in the workforce.

Heartisans personally has impacted my life in many ways. While at Heartisans I have learned so much of who I am and the strengths I possess in the workforce as well as how to enhance them. Also, some of my weaknesses and how to improve them by learning to turn them to strength. I learned how to confidently approach job interviews and so much more. They made it possible for me to start a new journey of life I never thought would be possible. Because of Heartisans I was able to apply for college and take my TSI.

When I think of Heartisans I think of place where you can come as you are, be loved and guided as you embark on a journey you may have never experienced in your life. The best part of it is the staff and volunteers, they are genuine and love to spread the love of God in a manner that is like no other. To be frank the unity and the presence of the Spirit at Heartisans is the sole winner of this organization. The people that deliver it do it with the most encouraging passion, prayer, community, and most importantly love for what they do and who they serve.

I am truly grateful to have been able to experience Heartisans and I hope to pass on the grace you have shown me through the last 8 weeks as I begin my next chapter. I want you guys to know (Amy and Julee and the wonderful people that keep this place going) because of what you all do that make women that never thought they were capable of even love be able to boldly step out and reach for the stars. I’m truly grateful and without a doubt I know you were placed on my path and the paths of women like me from none other then God. I love you guys and hope this isn’t goodbye, instead as they say in east Texas, I’ll see ya’ll later. :P