Christina's Journey

My need for a job brought me to Heartisans; for years I've searched for a job in Longview. I couldn't seem to find one that fit me. I've had jobs before, but they were only jobs where the hours were below part-time. I'm looking forward to hopefully finding a job so I can make a living. Heartisans impacted my life by helping me form new skills that I've never learned before.

Heartisans showed me "Struggles and Progress".

I love the volunteers at Heartisans, they are very thoughtful and kind. I liked learning more job searching skills.

I'd like other women to know that Heartisans is about progress and learning other essential skills. Heartisans is very faith-based. You not only learn about how to better yourself as a professional, but you learn about faith in Christ. The Heartisans’ program requires focus in order to get to where you want to be, but I really want to emphasize that the volunteers are very encouraging and they'll help you when you need it.