Christin's Journey

Prior to coming to Heartisan's Marketplace, I was very timid, lost, and reserved. I had been living in a Homeless Shelter for 3 years. I felt hopeless.

A friend from church recommended the Heartisans program but I wasn’t interested because the program I was currently in hadn’t helped me much. I told my friend I would pray about it and see what the Lord had in store.

God used three different people to confirm that this was what I needed to do…so that started my journey at Heartisans!

After about the first week or two, I got very comfortable and could sense the Lord doing amazing things. I opened up and really grew to love everyone here.

Heartisans has greatly changed my life. It has given me confidence, helped me find my voice, and shown me that I do matter. Heartisans has also helped me set realistic goals and expectations for myself! I am on my way to a better, more flourishing life.

Heartisans has brought me back to the Lord and has given me direction about what God wants me to do with my life to further His Kingdom.