Crystal's Journey

Graciously Broken Ministries brought me to Heartisans to participate in the job readiness program. I didn't fully understand what the program was about, but  I was pleased to find nice caring ladies who gave their time to help me. We had  a Bible study, budgeting classes, spent one-on-one together, and learned other life such as cooking healthy meals, and sewing.  I enjoyed my time in the studios making candles, soap, and running the letterpress. The program helped me prepare for interviews by having mock interviews, teaching us what to wear and encouraged us on how to display our best selves.  I also found the computer work that taught about customer service and time management helpful. Heartisans has personally impacted my life by showing me caring, encouragement when I didn't think I could be successful. They prayed for me  and reminded me who I am in Christ. What I love most about Heartisans are the friendships that I have for life and the life skills I learned. It is a lot of learning, but it's worth it. At the end of everything you will see the care and joy in what they do here.