Danielle's Journey

Heartisans has made such a big impact on my life. I never thought I could accomplish so much in so little time. I always thought there was no hope for me to achieve goals, go to school, or to become someone. While in Heartisans’ program I finally realized it wasn’t too late for me and that it is possible to aim for success and achieve it! In just 8 short weeks they helped me to get my social security card, a drivers license, enroll in college, complete my financial aid application and take the TSI test to attend college. My faith and hope has grown since attending the job readiness course, not to mention my confidence and self-esteem. The love and support is amazing at Heartisans. The volunteers, tutors, staff, are so kind and considerate.

They confirm that you are someone and you do matter and that through Christ all things are possible. When I think of Heartisans I think of hope, faith and LOVE and the greatest is LOVE.