Emily's Journey

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission brought me to the Heartisans program and I'm forever grateful for that. My children and I had lost all hope living with my mother in a toxic environment. Hiway 80 saved my life and Heartisans gave it a purpose again.

Heartisans has shown me that I'm smarter than I thought I was and that I'm much better at things I never thought I'd excel at. This program has helped me out of debt and given me a career path and goals for the future.

When I think of Heartisans I think of family and hope. I hope that even after I'm finished to be able to volunteer here to give back to the people who've helped me so much.

I love the amount of hope this program instills in the women who come here. We all come here somewhat broken and lost and it feels like we're all finding our way.

Thank you for pushing us and never letting us quit. For all the opportunities you've provided and the love you've shown us. Thank you.