Faith's Journey

I’m Precious Faith Curtis and I’m so grateful that I had this opportunity to become reacquainted with an office/educational setting. I was introduced upon returning to Longview after my 4 ½ year absence from the area, and as God’s timing is impeccable every single time, I got to come here through Son Shine Lighthouse!

I will graduate from SSLM on October 29, 2019, and along with Heartisans, I have gained a renewed sense of purpose.

I plan to attend Kilgore College and use my skills from massage school to become a Physical Therapist’s Assistant, and then I can always continue my education and the possibilities are infinite. Heartisans also gives me a goal for the future to be able to volunteer here one day. It has been a pleasure to spend these last 8 weeks with Amy, Julee, and our sweet mentors; Ginger, Jan, Mary, and Karen. Thank you to Kristin for her charisma and photos I’ve only heard about on FB, and for the study The Pressure’s Off that I was able to sit in on. Ann Ramsey for Budgeting, Joan and her passion for Bible Journaling, and Linda’s knowledge of Nutrition and Healthy eating practices. Also, Rachel’s talent for putting together our resume along with the ladies who took time out of their busy schedules for our mock interview. Also, Susan and Susan who were so patient with me and gave me a new understanding of Math.

So much time and love go into this operation, from our breakfasts and lunches, everyone does their part to make this work and it amazes me! I hope I didn’t forget anyone because there are so many who work together in harmony for a common goal-giving us a 2nd chance!

Thanks to everyone of you!