Genisis's Journey

I am part of Graciously Broken where they addressed my alcoholism and depression. Because I successfully completed nine months at GB; I was accepted into the Heartisans program. I had been out of the workforce for about over nine years and really needed to brush up on my work skills. I was also struggling with my self-esteem because I have been out of practice in the workplace environment.

Heartisans has equipped me with tools that will help me further my career, learn and improve my customer service skills and how to utilize my strengths. When I think of Heartisans, I see it as a beautiful program that helps women get back on their feet and back to work. It can also help women with little or no work experience find a career path. My favorite part of the Heartisans was the Bible studies and daily devotions.

I'm just so grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to attend the Heartisans Job Readiness program. I came here a little insecure about my skills but am more confident now. Amy Hollins has been a great leader and an excellent encouragement to me.