Jerikoal's Journey

In a way God brought me to Heartisans. When I first came to Heartisans I didn't open up to anyone, but as I got to know the women, I slowly opened up and talked about God and having faith in Him and in others. Over the course I made new friends and met new people. Heartisans is a wonderful place to get back on track in your life. This program changed my life and got me to rethink my life goals.

Heartisans and the people who volunteers helped me open up to others and put my faith in God. Heartisans has also taught me the value of friendships and several life lessons. Each day was a lesson to not give up or lose faith in God.

When I think about Heartisans I see respect, faith in God, and people around you. Heartisans is like family, each person helping each other out. Heartisans is life changing, the program teaches you to have a stronger belief in God, and taught me to let go of the past and how to forgive.

I loved meeting so many new people and Heartisans, The Bible study we did on the Life of David, helped me work through some things in my own life.

Everyone at Heartisans is very welcoming and wonderful. Heartisans is a wonderful place for a fresh start for any woman who needs that little extra help. The program is about helping women work towards a new start in their life.

Here at Heartisans, you form new bonds and friendships with everyone.