Jessica's Journey

I was able to attend Heartisans as a part of my recovery plan at Graciously Broken Ministries. What an amazing program! I now have an impeccable resume, I’ve learned essential skills such as how to dress, walk, act, and even what to say to ensure success in any interview. I have learned about budgeting, how to improve my credit scores, and even received help with my taxes. We had the privilege of assisting the ladies that make Heartisans happen behind the scenes. We made candles, cookie mixes, bath bombs, and soaps that are sold in the store. Julee taught us how to use an actual letter press and Marty and Cindy showed me how to hem pants and sew on a button. And, I finally learned to crochet!

Above all, what I think what I will remember most about Heartisans is the heart. Each of the women that volunteer and work here are a beautiful example of God’s loving grace. Amy Hollins approaches life with a tenacity that I will continue to strive toward. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each person who so willingly commits to making Longview better one woman at a time.