Mae's Journey

I heard of Heartisans when my brother went to a crockpot event with the founder of Heartisans.  I was in a tight spot in my life where I didn't know what to do next. I needed my social security card to get my drivers license, and to get started in college.

Heartisans impacted my life in a way no one else has done before. They achieved more obstacles than I ever could have imagined. They pushed me in the right direction, and gave me hope for freedom. They also help me accept our God back into my life.
Heartisans for me is home and family. A place where you can feel welcomed by everyone. Just unconditional love everywhere.
The volunteers are what I love the most. Everyone is uniquely different, yet they all make me feel so welcomed here. They showed me life skills that I need to be successful for my future. They all became family so quickly.
I want to thank the volunteers for all the things they do. They are so underappreciated and I just want to let them know that I notice all the hard work they do. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to be the person that I am today. Thank you Mrs. Ana for being my favorite mentor!!!!
With Love, Dalysiann Mae Ingram