Michelle's Journey


Heartisans was familiar to me prior to my residency at Graciously Broken. A friend of mine had wanted her daughter to attend the program and had told me all about it. I was very pleased to find out that I would be participating in Heartisans work readiness program during my stay at Graciously Broken but had no idea what delightful friends I would make in the process!

Heartisans has impacted my life in many positive ways, so I feel very confident in recommending their program to everyone. When I think of Heartisans, I think of a godly vision fleshing itself out through the lives of a diverse group of very caring and inclusive women. The many volunteers and marketplace staff have bonded together to offer a top-notch service to the Longview community and to the individual lives Heartisans impacts. 

I look forward to becoming a Heartisans volunteer after my graduation from Graciously Broken. I am most grateful for God's favor and provision!