Michelle's Journey

Heartisans has made a significant impact on my life. I learned essential skills that are necessary in the workforce, how to write a professional resume, how to present myself during a job interview, how to send e-mails, and how to use Microsoft Word. I’ve learned a lot about technology, too!

Heartisans is Gospel-centered.

When you walk through the door, it feels like home. These women care about each other and those around them. What one person has, they all have. They share equally with sisterly love! Time is valued over money.

What I love most about Heartisans is the value they place on education. There is a huge need for organizations like Heartisans and for individuals who won’t give up on people like me who had lost sight of what a strong, Christian woman can do with her life with the right people around her.

This place is awesome and I enjoy coming here. I’m blessed to be able to help here as well after I graduate. I’m amazed and blessed by all the special things the women at Heartisans do for us!