Misti's Journey

Over the years, I have thought several times about obtaining my alternating teaching certification but have never followed through with the plan. Now, I am able to finally do that. I have taught in different areas from church to substitute teaching to Teacher’s Assistant. With the help from Heartisans, I plan to enroll in iTeachtexas.com alternative teaching certification program. I want to be the one to encourage a child to want to learn.

Heartisans has had a tremendous impact on my life. Between my teaching certification and dentures, I am truly blessed by what Heartisans has done for me!

The fellowship with Amy, Julee, my classmates, mentors, volunteers and all the ladies here at Heartisans has truly been a blessing. Getting to share stories, struggles, blessings, concerns, laughter and tears has helped me grow emotionally and spiritually. I love this place and what it has done for me and what it can do for so many other deserving women!