Rachael's Journey

I am a single mother with 3 toddlers and had the desire to do something to help me progress. I was completely lost and didn't know where to start. All I knew was I wanted more for my kids. The first time I had heard of Heartisans was actually through the Hannah House, but at that time, with newborn twins, I wasn't ready for that commitment. About a year went by and I decided to go to Bible study. That's where I met one of the volunteers of Heartisans (Jan). She asked me to meet her there one day, so I did and it was that day that I filled out an application and the next week was when I started the program.

Heartisans' has helped me grow closer with God and I think that's the biggest thing for me. The Bible studies and the prayer, and just being surrounded by people who teach you about God gave me hope for the future and God's plan in my life. Also, I've learned a lot of new things that change my perspective on some things and that has calmed my anxiety about certain situations.

When I think of Heartisans I think of a place full of love and acceptance; a place where I can go to get advice, support, or the little push that I need. Most of all though, I think of how God led me there and it is a place where I can go to find Him.

I am so thankful for Heartisans; not just the program but the people. There is a peace in my heart when I walk in. I feel loved and cared for. This is a ministry I want to be a part of some day.