Skylar's Journey

I moved from home to home while growing up and, as a result, found myself feeling unwanted. After getting expelled in high school, I stopped caring about the things I was doing and lost interest in my future. While continuing to live in different places, I managed to get back into school and did my best to do what I thought was the “right” thing to do. I became pregnant at 17 (which will always be my biggest blessing!) and met Angela, the mother of my child’s father. I finished school and had a healthy baby boy named Carter.

I moved in with Angela and she has been steering me down the right path. I’ve definitely experienced bumps in the road, but she has kept me on track. She told me about the program at Heartisans and it sounded amazing and exactly what I needed!

The women at Heartisans have taught me so much about the Lord and they have really opened my eyes to different things. I have never been more thankful to be surrounded by people in my entire life!

I’ve applied to Cosmetology school at Kilgore College and plan to attend in January 2019! God has really blessed me and I’m so very thankful for all the people he has brought into my life.