Stephanie's Journey

In May 2019 I elected to seek a faith based program for help with my chemical addiction, which resulted from depression and pronounced anxiety. As part of the Graciously Broken Ministries curriculum, I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Heartisans program.

I've been touched by the profound impact I've witnessed through the devotion of every woman who supports and contributes to the organization. It represents through service, how God provides. Heartisans is built on the foundation of the biblical teachings of Christ, where women in the community give of their talent, time, and energy, supporting the needs of women who desire a relationship with Christ and to develop basic life skills to meet the challenges of everyday life.

I love the beautiful women who give of themselves freely and the teachings of the Bible. This program has deepened my faith through the teachings and by the living examples of those who live it everyday.

Final thoughts: It is important to me to thank every woman who has touched my heart. A special thanks to Amy Hollins for her guidance and support and to Julee Rachels, who is the epitome and inspiration of living out the Word of Christ.