Sybil's Journey

I am about to graduate from a year long ministry program, Graciously Broken, as part of that program it is required that I complete Heartisans. I am a recovering alcoholic and for years I have been looking for a solution to my alcoholism. Graciously Broken has taught me that Jesus Christ dying on the cross for my sins is that solution. I am a child of God! Heartisans and the staff and volunteers have reinforced that idea time and time again, by showing me how worthy and valuable I am to this world and to my children.

Heartisans has personally impacted my life by helping me get my beautiful smile! It has introduced me to some amazing women (mentors) who I will prayerfully keep in touch with for the rest of our years. It has given me confidence that I did not have before! It has given me community connections (networking)! Thank you!

Faith, Generosity, Prayer, Love, Heart and Open Arms comes to mind when I think about Heartisans!

The volunteers are what I love most about Heartisans!

Everyone is great! I love everyone here and want to keep in touch with everyone! HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE AMY! If you don't hear from me or see me for a while...check on me! Please! Love you!

Thank you for everything you do!!!!!!