Tabitha's Journey

I first heard of Heartisans through my housemate Sybil, a former graduate of the program. I was three months into the discipleship program at Hiway 80 Rescue Mission and my caseworker Ms. Tonia thought I would be a good candidate for Heartisans. I was so excited that she chose me to go the program. The reason why I came to Hiway 80 because of the addiction to drugs and alcohol and mental and emotional abuse from family and past relationships.

Heartisans has impacted my life in so many ways. First, I can’t do anything without Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  Heartisans has been very positive in my life, a very good motivator.

Ms. Amy, Ms. Julee, Ms. Marti, Ms. Suzanne, Ms. Julie Lynn, and all the beautiful volunteers such as Ms. Ana, Ms. Jan, Ms. Gail, Ms. Mary, Ms. Ann, Ms. Linda and the math tutors.

What I love the most about Heartisans is that they really care about your success.

I am so honored that the good Lord put Heartisans in my life. I had forgotten what success feels like in my life. Thank you, Ms. Amy, for your encouragement.

To the new group and other future candidates of Heartisans, keep your eyes focused on the Lord and everything else will follow.