Donate a Vehicle

Very seldom does a woman exiting our program have transportation. As we continue to provide resources through our Alumni Program, transportation is the greatest need besides housing. When a graduate who is working or working and attending higher education is able to fund transportation expenses in her budget (insurance, maintenance, gas), we provide access to a used vehicle for her through generous community donations.

If you have a used car in good repair you would like to donate for one of our graduates, our process is as follows:

  • Drop off the car with a clear title at our 3501 Gilmer Road location.
  • Complete the applicable donor forms.
  • We will give you a donation receipt for the value you designate and information for how to handle the donation for your tax deduction.

Thank you for considering a vehicle donation. It makes a huge difference for the graduate who receives it and affords her the ability to get to work and school.