Donation Information (Page Insert)

 EIN Mailing Address

3501 Gilmer Road
Attn: Business Office
Longview, TX 75604


Heartisans Marketplace is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit in good standing. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law; please refer to your tax advisor for matters related to your specific gift.

Heartisans uses Network for Good donation software to manage all online giving reports. If giving online, you will receive your tax receipt by email immediately after making your donation. You may manage your Network for Good donor account by linking to your donor page from any email receipt or via the Donor Login link in our website footer.

For checks sent by mail, your gift will be deposited by our business office in the week after receiving the gift and you will be sent a thank you acknowledgement by mail.

For non-cash and in-kind gifts, we will acknowledge the gift but are unable to assign a dollar amount for its value. Donors should assign their own value and then keep this with our letter for their tax records.


Please email our Business Office or call 903-431-1188.